Mark Whitney, Creator/Host, Late Nite Last Week ⓒ 2020 Randy Shropshire

Brilliant ☆☆☆☆☆ “What a great concept. Combining the best of late night talk shows with political insight and an intelligent measured opinion. Mark has honed his talents as a podcaster to make a show that makes you laugh and think about what’s really going on. A must for anyone interested in entertainment, comedy, politics and a lot of thought provoking satire! I look forward to every episode.” ~Joshua Clay Black via Apple Podcasts · Australia

Late Nite Last Week is created, produced and hosted by the award-winning performer, storyteller, political satirist, and serial entrepreneur Mark Whitney.

Whitney began producing episodes of Late Nite Last Week in January 2016. By 2017, LNLW was the #1 ranked political satire podcast in the world. He tediously handcrafted 162 episodes, before suspending production on May 5, 2019, in the wake of the censorship of political speech by Silicon Valley robots. Production resumed in September 2022, following the pandemic.

Every week Mark audits every episode of every American late night show and reports back to you; construing the term “late night” liberally to include the migration to on-demand streaming services by megastars such as David Letterman and Jon Stewart.

Each week some lucky late night host is the unwitting recipient of the soon-to-be-coveted Sis Boom Baa Award for the longest laugh in late night last week.

Every January 1, Whitney presents the annual Late Night Comedy Awards, the highlight of which is the Sis Boom Baa Award for Joke Of The Year!

In his 20s and 30s, especially when in New York in the winter in an overcoat, a lot of people thought Mark was Donald Trump. They would literally say: “Thought you was motherfuckin’ Donald Trump!”

Fool For A Client: Mark’s award-winning, autobiographical, one-man, political dramedy

(2011) Mark Whitney shares the cover of Story Magazine with Drew Carey and Russell Brand. “Whitney is a master of the storytelling craft.” ~Robert McKee

Robert McKee’s long form interview of Mark Whitney.

Bring Your Show: Mark’s public speaking masterclass as presented to Toastmaster’s International on the art and business of humorous speaking

Mark compares and contrasts the speaking and storytelling skills and tactics of entrepreneur Steve Jobs, comedians Jimmy Tingle, Brian Regan and Joan Rivers, politicians Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, House of Cards executive producer and creator of “My Buddy Bill”, Rick Cleveland, and World Champion of Public Speaking, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi.

“If you want to know the go-to video to understand how great speakers win their audience, this is it. Mark Whitney presents a fantastic educational session that will leave you with some amazing insights. He does this by dissecting the speeches of several world class presenters across different industries, (including my own speech 'I See Something" ) If there is one video I could recommend to you to get the real essence of public speaking THIS would be it ! Happy Learning.” ~Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, 2014 World Champion Of Public Speaking

In 1999, Mark started THELAWNET which democratizes legal services by providing affordable, industry-leading tools that make legal research fast and easy. For decades lawyers, law firms, judges, courts, governmental instrumentalities and indigenous nations, have trusted THELAWNET to provide them with comprehensive access to the law via a single, intuitive interface.


Late Nite Last Week
"Welcome to my year-long search for the longest laugh in late night!"